Student Assistance Program

Denny International Middle and Chief Sealth International High School implements the Student Assistance program to address problems associated with substance use. Our specialist provides direct services to students in grades 6-12 who are at risk and/or harmfully involved with alcohol, nicotine and/or other drugs.  Students who use alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs adversely impact the achievement of their classmates, as well as their own achievement. The Student Assistance Program works with students and their peer groups to enable all students to succeed.


  • Project Success prevention curricula in all Chief Sealth High School Health classes
  • Project Alert prevention curricula in all Denny Middle School science classes
  • Promotion and supervision of drug-free student prevention clubs and teams
  • Identification of students who are at risk of initiating substance use, are coping with the substance use of significant others, or are suspected of substance use
  • Counseling, peer support groups, life skills training, and individual and family interventions designed to address the particular needs of each student
  • Referrals to community services such as chemical dependency treatment in cases where the severity of use requires services that cannot be provided in the school setting


Drea Jones                       

Denny Middle & Chief Sealth High School’s specialist            (206) 252-8714

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