For Parents


Sponsored by the Washington Healthy Youth Coalition (WHYC), our mission is to prevent and reduce underage alcohol and marijuana use. Check out resources at Start Talking Now.



The University of Washington’s Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute’s mission is to advance research, policy, and practice in order to improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities affected by alcohol and drug use and abuse. Check out research and resources online!



This eBook provides you with information about adolescent and young adult alcohol and other drug abuse treatment and will help you get the most appropriate care for your child and family. Also check out,  How to Prevent Drug Use at Every Age.

Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab is a free web resource that provides information about substance abuse and mental health issues. Check out their Parents Guide which contains information that we feel every parent should have in order to educate themselves and their child on the dangers of substance abuse. Feel free to view that and our Alcohol Addiction page.

Other Resources:

Alcohol and Drug 24-Hour Helpline: (206) 722-3700.

Parent Guide to Marijuana Prevention

Talk. They Hear You