The SW Seattle Youth Alliance Coalition is focused on the Delridge community around Denny International Middle school and Chief Sealth International High school. The coalition is comprised of different sectors that represent members of the community such as youth organizations, parents, law enforcement, media, schools, religious organizations and substance abuse prevention organizations.

The goal is for all members to work together toward a common objective of building a safe, healthy, and drug-free community. Each member brings their own ideas and perspective to the coalition to carry out the strategic plan for the community. New members are encouraged to join and enlarge their sphere of influence to increase capacity in addressing root causes for issues in the community.

Denny International Middle School, SW Seattle

About Prevention Programs in our Community

SW Seattle Youth Alliance has the following goals:

  1. Increase community connectedness, raise levels of involvement, and reduce community disorganization in SW Seattle
  2. Decrease the associated with community laws and norms favorable to drug use
  3. Increase opportunities for pro-social involvement.
  4. Increase healthy beliefs and clear standards among families, parents, and caregivers.
  5. Increase healthy beliefs and clear standards among peers. (Decrease risk associated with low perception of harm of drug use.)

SW Seattle Youth Alliance will reach these goals by working closely with the community and offering evidenced based programs such as Guiding Good Choices, Life Skills Training and Project Alert, public awareness campaigns, environmental strategies, and pro-social youth engagement.  SW Seattle Youth will measure community level changes through an annual community survey and on-going community assessments.

SWSYA Coalition Leadership Team

Lensy Cordova, Coalition Coordinator

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